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CULTIVATE AND INTEGRATE YOUR INDIVIDUAL RESONANCE in a supportive environment for Resonant Artists whose life paths have taken them outside or beyond the traditional developmental track, and ACCOMPLISH YOUR MISSION IN THE WORLD.

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Last night I took a magical class with Monica Schober’s Foundational Vocal Technique™ class. I must wax poetic…… I learned techniques that I never expected. Her breathing method alone is worth the price of admission and as an item in my acting arsenal – priceless. I cannot wait to do an audition or scene!!!!! Her teaching style is very supportive and in a spare two hour class with 4 other actors I witnessed a transformation in not only myself but the others as well. If by chance you get the privilege to work with Monica Schober – DO IT!!! Do not miss out on this dynamic experience.

Penny P (actor)

“Monica has the extraordinary combination of being highly intuitive and an astute diagnostician of physical and energetic imbalances. I have been very fortunate to have personally experienced those many gifts on numerous occasions over the years, and reaped the rewards on every level of my being. I have witnessed her highly efficient manner of zeroing in on a singer’s need for better alignment with their higher self and in a short period experienced the impressive results. Anyone interested in integrating and coordinating disparate and disjointed aspects of their psyche/spirit/body with their pure essence should not wait to be guided into wholeness by Monica’s unique gifts.”

A.G. (vocal coach & concert pianist)